Terms and Conditions for the “Plug Yourself in. Documentary Cinema Online”

Terms and Conditions for the “Plug Yourself in. Documentary Cinema Online” component of the 17th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival


General Provisions:

1.1. For the „Plug Yourself In. Documentary Cinema Online” project that constitutes a part of the 17th edition of Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as “the Festival”) and be implemented in October 2020 at Mdag.pl, Okonakino foundation headquartered in Poland on ul. Bukowińska 26C/12, 02-703 Warszawa (hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”) will release free-of-charge e-tickets (hereinafter referred to as “E-tickets”) granting access to the service of streaming Festival films online at Mdag.pl (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”).

1.2. Downloading an E-ticket is tantamount to users’ consent to the terms and condition of the present document.

1.3. Only registered users may purchase E-Passes. Users can sign into their accounts through My Festival section: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/ogladaj-online/my-festival

1.4. An E-ticket grants the user access to a given film for 24 hours after its download. Users with downloaded tickets will have 4 hours to watch the chosen film, calculated from the time they hit the “Play” button on the pop-up screen on the film’s Festival subpage or by clicking “Watch” and “Play” buttons associated with the film in the “My Festival” section.

1.5. Free-of-charge E-tickets are subject to availability.

1.6. E-tickets will be available to users no later than until October 30, 2020. Once the amount of E-tickets for the given film is used up, it will no longer be available for streaming.


§ 2

Detailed provisions:

2.1. E-tickets

2.1.1. In order to download an E-ticket through Mdag.pl platform, the following conditions must be met: Users must select a particular film online at Mdag.pl. Users must create an account and sign into the My Festival section: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/ogladaj-online/my-festival

2.2. The downloaded E-ticket grants users access to the selected film for 24 hours after purchase. Ticket-holders will have 4 hours to watch the film they purchased access to, calculated from the time they hit the “Play” button on the pop-up screen on the film’s Festival subpage or from the time the clicked “Watch” and “Play” buttons associated with the given film in the “My Festival” section: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/ogladaj-online/my-festival.

2.3. Accessing films online

2.3.1. Films are made available through Mdag.pl platform.

2.3.2. Films are only available online at Mdag.pl to users on Polish territory. Users must have a Polish IP address. Users are obliged not to use nor attempt to use the Mdag.pl platform outside the Polish territory.

2.3.3 Users may only stream content made available through Mdag.pl platform on one device at a time.

2.3.4 In order to use Mdag.pl platform, user devices must fulfill the following technical criteria and have internet access with minimum parameters as specified below: compatible web browsers: Chrome, Safari version 13 or higher, Firefox, Microsoft Edge; Films are played in HD quality adjusted to connection speed at the time of streaming, with highest resolution at 1080p, and lowest resolution at 540p. The required minimum connection speed is 2 Mbps, but the Service provider recommends a speed of over 10 Mbps. Users are able to stream films using Chromecast devices.

2.3.5 Streaming quality may depend on technical parameters related to the internet connection or the technical parameters related to the devices used by users to access Festival films.

2.3.6. The Festival bears no responsibility for neither complete lack of nor interrupted streaming access to the films resulting from circumstances beyond its scope of influence, or from technical shortcomings related to the users’ internet connection or the kind of device used. 

2.3.7. Films streamed during the Festival online at Mdag.pl can be paused or scrolled through.

2.3.8. Upon playing the film, users have the option to choose between Polish and English subtitles with the stipulation that some films may have subtitles that are embedded. Some of the films made available through the platform offer closed captions; in such cases, the films’ Festival sites will contain this information. Films for children from the OKI DOKI section are available on the platform with a voiceover translation.

2.3.9. Festival content made available through Mdag.pl is subject to copyright owned either by the festival or other parties, from whom a license required by law was purchased by the Festival. It is not permitted to download, send, copy, reproduce, broadcast, publish, modify, rent, lease, sell nor create derivative works from any content made available online at Mdag.pl. Any uses other than those specified by the present document or permitted by law are also prohibited.

2.3.10. The Festival bears no responsibility for the functioning of the users’ internet connection nor for the functioning of users’ streaming devices.

2.4. Contract rescission

In accordance with art. 38 par. 13 of the Polish Customer Rights Act of 30 May, 2014, the right to rescind contract does not apply to contracts related to delivery of digital content not stored on physical data carriers, if the delivery commenced upon clear consent of the customer and prior to the deadline for contract’s rescission. Thus, upon the purchase of such service, buyers do not have the right to rescind the Service.

2.5. Claims and complaints

2.5.1. Complaints related to access to the service provided, the platform’s functionalities or the service itself need to be submitted by email to: kontakt@againstgravity.pl. Claims should include the users’ contact details and a detailed description of the reason for the complaint.

2.5.2. The Festival’s organizer will consider the claims lodged and inform the users who submitted them about their decision within 14 days of receipt of the claim by email. The organizer will contact users by email using the contact information provided in the claim submissions.

2.5.3. Any claims regarding electronic payments should be lodged with the payment service provider.

§ 3

Personal data protection

3.1. Against Gravity, headquartered in Warsaw, Poland on ul. Bukowińska 26C/12, 02-703 Warszawa, KRS 0000199919, NIP: 526-27-57-178, is the Administrator of users’ personal data.

3.2. Personal data is processed to complete the contract stipulations.

3.3. Personal data is processed for the duration of the contract and beyond, until claims connected to its completion expire.

3.4. Anyone sharing their personal data has the right to request access to the data, its correction, deletion, limitation of its processing, raising an objection, transfer or filing a complaint with a supervisory authority. Personal data is not subject to profiling.

3.5. The Service provider uses so-called cookies or text documents stored on users’ computer drives. The cookies mechanism does not aim to obtain any information about individual users and is only used to save users’ navigation parameters and login status as well as to aggregate statistical data pertaining to website traffic. Collecting such statistics helps the Service provider understand how their website is used, which allows for improvements in its structure and content.

§ 4

Final provisions

4.1. The Organizer reserves the right to end E-ticket release at any time without providing a reason.

4.3. The organizer reserves the right to introduce changes to the present terms and conditions document. Any orders placed before changes to the terms and condition come into force will be processed in accordance with regulations applicable on the day they were made.

4.4. The present terms and conditions document has been drawn up in Polish and English. In the event of a dispute as to the terms of this Agreement the Polish version shall prevail.

4.5. For any matters not governed by the present document, Polish law shall apply.


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