The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones
dir. Michale Boganim/France/2021/97 min.

Israeli society is marked by a taboo, that of the systematic discrimination against Jews from Arab countries on arriving in the Promised Land. In the 1970's, a movement inspired by the American Black Panthers emerged in the poor Musrara neighborhood of Jerusalem, demanding basic rights for the so-called Mizrahim, Jews from North Africa and the Middle East. As she mourns her father, a member of this movement, Michale Boganim, a French-Israeli filmmaker, confronts her personal questions with History, setting off with her daughter to explore the past and meet several generations of Mizrahim.

The film is a road movie set in the forgotten lands of Israel's periphery and questions the notions of exile and inheritance.


  • projection time:
    97 min.
  • country/year:
    France /2021
  • director:
    Michale Boganim
  • pictures:
    Nathalie Durand
  • production:
    Marie Balducchi / Agat films - Ex nihilo
  • festivals and awards:
    2021 – IFF Venice; 2021 – DOC NYC FF

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